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Open for shooting!

BASE Hockey has specialized in hockey sticks, customized specifications and elite shooting performance for 10 years, and now we're opening a new location called "The Alley". Cliff and I agreed to call it "BASE Hockey Alley", because we both learned how to play hockey in our backyard alleys as kids.

Out focus at BASE Hockey is to teach proper technique, but more importantly to motivate our players to go out in "the alley" and practice everyday, because that's where real improvement happens. The question is... how do you motivate kids to get off the videos games and into the alley?

You have to make games that they can play with their practice. The games should have a scoring system, rules and a specific hockey skill (ie. wrist shot, behind 15 feet, 50 shots, and a point for hitting a target). There are infinite more games and challenges like this... the more creative and unique usually makes kids want to play more.

At the alley, we have a goalie named "Tendytron". He is a garbage can with a Carey Price jersey and some goalie gear attached. The players love to play against the goalie with various games and rules. With the right rules, it gets pretty competitive!

If you would like to learn about the games and challenges we do at The Alley, subscribe to our blog and we will post some more examples!

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